About us

Transport Labonté has initiated its operations in the road transport industry in 1980. Mr. Nicolas Labonté is the current owner having amalgamated its efforts with the former Leader to establish what 36 years became later a company with an enviable reputation for its expertise of exception and the quality of his work.

The transportation industry has a single division located in Victoriaville with a team of nine employees. Transport Labonté's main mission is to provide a specialized service and adapted to the many needs of their customer base. The company is equipped with several trucks and trailers well equipped for short distances as well as long distances in each regions of the Canada and up to the north and to the east of the United States.

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Our services

Our services always begin with a fast quote and end by unmatched delivery deadlines. Our trailers transport a multitude of diversified products.

Specialized Transportation unconventional

Special permits – Excessive length and width

Heavy Machinery Transport

Ramps available for shipping machinery

Trailer with retractable canvas

100% hermetic canvases in vinyl

Complete and partial loading

Mainly complete transport

Short-term storage

For 1 to 2 weeks and an area of 30X50ft

Our equipment

7 trucks and 12 trailers equipped with chains and canvases

Tranportation equipment

B-Train (28X32FT)

Tranportation equipment

Drop deck

Tranportation equipment

drop deck

Tranportation equipment


Tranportation equipment


Tranportation equipment

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